Welcome to Jordan Eye Bank

The Jordan Eye Bank is a national institute that was established to act as a bridge between patients with cornea related disease and their doctors.

Appreciating the fact that poor vision is a very disabling problem, which many people suffer from and recognizing the importance of better vision for better life, the basis of Jordan eye bank was laid down in 1979.

The target of the Bank is to help patients with corneal disease that caused poor vision and could not be treated with eyeglasses , eye drops or contact lenses. To gather all effort and organize all activities in the field, eye bank has put forward a strategy that aims to facilitate the process by which patients can undergo surgical intervention to salvage their vision and hence restoring of better eyesight.

The Eye Bank will provide corneas to patients who need them via local donations or via importation through International Eye Banks. Connections have already been established with International Eye Banks and corneas can now be made available upon request within one to two weeks.

The Eye Bank aims to lay down a basic , unified structure for cornea transplantation in Jordan in order to organize the process and ensure good quality of corneas being used all over the country , welcoming at the same time any constructive crtiticism that may come on the way.

We hope to provide adequate information and proper links to all these concerned in the issue through this website

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