Donation is a self-stimulated act through which a patient can register his/ her cornea after death to be used for patients who need it.
It implies the consent of the person that his corneas may be taken after his death and be used for a patient who needs it.
It is a completely optional decision to be taken by the patient before his death and by his second of kin or anyone responsible for him afterwards. Click here to learn more about donation.
Anyone can donate his/her cornea, and at any age, however, there are certain conditions against donation:
1. Death of unknown cause.
2. Systemic infections such as (active septicemia, hepatitis B,C, AIDS, Active viral encephalitis, Reye’s syndrome, rubella, rabies, Syphilis)
3. CNS degenerative disease (CJD, SSPE, PML)
4. Intrinsic eye disease and tumors
5. Active Eye inflammation.

There are about 18400 people already registered at the Jordan Eye Bank as donors till the end of 2010.

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